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6. Alceste
Text after R.M. Rilke, 2 soloists (sopr ten), choir (SATB) and orchestra ⎯ 18'
7. IV Sätze für Orchester
(IV Pieces for Orchestra)
orchestra ⎯ 20'
15. Quaestio, V Sätze für Streichorchester
(Questio, V Pieces for String Orchestra)
str ⎯ 15'
24. Der Tor und der Tod (Kammeroper)
(The Fool and the Death)
Text: Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Libretto: John Slangen/Christoph Amrhein; recitation S A T Bar choir(SATB) orchestra ⎯ 60'
32. Carbone Notata: IV Orchesterlieder
(Carbone Notata: IV Songs for Voice and Orchestra)
Poems: W. Kusters; voice orchestra ⎯ 10'
49. Twee Stukken voor Orkest
(Two Pieces for orchestra)
orchestra ⎯ 12'
60. Doe, Paredies: Twee liederen voor sopraan en orkest
(Doe, Paredies: Two songs for soprano and orchestra)
Poems: Jac. Schreurs (In regional language (Limburg)/also in Dutch possible); voice(S) orchestra ⎯ 11'
66. IX Stukken voor Kamerorkest
(IX Pieces for chamber orchestra)
orchestra ⎯ 12'
93. Concert voor violoncello en orkest
(Concerto for violoncello and orchestra)
vlc orchestra ⎯ 17'
96. Symfonie
small orchestra ⎯ 19'
102. Concert voor piano en orkest
(Concerto for piano and orchestra)
pf orchestra ⎯ 15'
107. Concerto for violin and orchestra
2fl 2ob 2clar 2bsn 2hrn 2trp trb 1perc(Marimba, Cymbals (sospesi), Woodblock, Snare Drum, Bass Drum) strings ⎯ 16'
113. V Pieces for orchestra
2fl 2ob 2clar 2bsn 2trp 4hrn 2trb tb 1perc(Marimba, Cymbals (sospesi), Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Timpani) strings — 14'
122. Concerto for violin, violoncello and orchestra
2fl 2ob 2clar 2bsn 2hrn 2trp 1perc (marimba, woodblock, becken, snare drum, cow-bell) strings — 16'
127. Dies irae
voice (S) voice (T) choir (SATB) orchestra — 28'