Curriculum Vitae: chronology

Slangen, Johannes Wilhelmus Maria
1951 Born on Wednesday January 24th in Kerkrade (Netherlands)
1957 Primary school: St Bernardus Heerlen
1963 MULO (Secondary Extended Lower Education): St. Henricus, Heerlen
1967 First self-taught music studies (Classical Guitar), first explorations in composing
1967-69 HBS (Higher Citizen School): EpiscopalTeacher School Christus Magister
1968-69 Piano lessons (private teacher Mrs Pijpers), composes
1969-72 Pedagogical Academy Heerlen
1969-72 Piano lessons Music School Brunssum (Winand van den Pitte)
  Study on Harmony (Music School Brunssum: Winand van den Pitte)
  Composes: performances in private circle
1972-73 Preparation for studying at the Academy of Music (private lessons: Winand van den Pitte)
1973-78 Study Music Theory (as main subject) at the Maastricht Academy of Music with Matty Niël: graduated
1975-80 Composition (1975-80) at the Maastricht Academy of Music with Matty Niël, graduated (Prize for Composition)
1978-2003 Lecturer Harmony (in writing and at the piano)/Contrapunt/Analyse and General Music Theory at the Maastricht Academy of Music
1980-present Enters in public life as a composer (click here for a full list of his works)
1980-present Member of BUMA/STEMRA
1980-present Member of GENECO (Society of Dutch composers, now New GENECO)
1987-present Co-founder of the Foundation Limburg Composers
  1987-90 Secretary
  1990-92 Chair
  1992-95 Member
  1995-2001 Board Member
  2001-present Member
1989-96 In the framework of a collaboration between the University College Maastricht (Academy of Music) and Maastricht University (faculty 'Letteren en Kunst', Art and Culture) member of the Working Group for the preparation and implementation of the summer course Opera and Culture.
1989-2015 Professor Composition Maastricht Academy of Music
1989-2000 Member of team 'Contemporary Music' of Maastricht Academy of Music
1989-2010 Member/Chairman of the team of the Maastricht Academy of Music Festival, projects-in the presence of the composers:
  1990 H. Pousseur
  1991 Expressionism (no composer invited)
  1992 H. Górecki
  1993 Eastern Europa, G.Katzer
  1994 Faust/Turning Points K. Boehmer, H. Pousseur
  1995 England, A. Goehr
  1996 Quote and Revision A. Vieru/W. Miechel
  1997 Jewish-Israeli music Y. Leef
  1998 Tradition and Innovation (no composer invited)
  1999 Finnish Music P. Nordgren
  2000 5 Centuries Music in Maastricht (no composer invited)
  2001 Portuguese Music, A. Delgado
  2002 America (no composer invited)
  2003 Iceland, S. Sigurdbjörnsson en M. Thorkelsdottir
  2004 Improvisation (no composer invited)
  2005 Korea, Yung Jo Lee
  2006 D. Shostakovich/E. Lutyens (no composer invited)
  2007 A. Webern/F. Schubert (no composer invited)
  2008 I. Stravinsky (no composer invited)
  2009 Les Synthétistes (no composer invited)
  2010 Otto Ketting/Otto Ketting
  Since 2010 no festivals have been organised
1990-2015 Professor Theory Maastricht Academy of Music
  Also: History of Music Theory, Literature connected to the main subject and -related Didactics
1993-96 Co-founder and member of the Internal Artistic Advisory Board of the Maastricht Academy of music
1992-99 Lectures at the Maastricht University Faculty Arts and Culture
1993-95 Praktikum in Music (twentieth century) for Maastricht University (Faculty Arts and Culture)
1996-2000 Introductions to the concerts of the Limburg Symphony Orchestra
1999-present Member of the Dutch Flemish Society for Music Theory
2000-15 Lectures Music History of the Twentieth Century at the Maastricht Academy of Music
2003-15 Staff member Maastricht Academy of music: Head of the Classical Department
  Also: Professor Composition, Theory, Music History (Twentieth Century)
2003-12 Chairman of the Board of Examinations (Music Classical)
2003-05 Participant ELIA (European League of Institutes of the Arts) conferences
2004 Lectures in the University Jeonju University (Jeonju) and Yonsei University (Seoul) in Korea with the theme 'Gestik und Rhytmische Motivik in Anton Webern's Op 27. Nr 3': especially for the students of the Composition Departments
2004-08 Member of the ‘Kenniskring’ (knowledge group) of the Lectoraat 'Autonomie en openbaarheid in de Kunsten’ (research group 'autonomy and public acces in the arts’) of Zuyd University' Studies on Bourdieu theory to question the validity of judgements in the arts
2006-07 Member of the Consult Circle: Artistic Research Zuyd University and Maastricht University
2007 Module Research (Dr. H. Smeijster) successfully completed
2008-14 Participant annual congresses AEC: Aarhus (Den)-Maastricht-Warsaw-Sevilla-St Petersburg-Palermo-Budapest
2009 Responsible for the organisation of the share the Maastricht Academy of Music took into the AEC (Association Européenne des Conservatoires, Académies de Musique et Musikhochschulen) Congress 2009 in Maastricht
2010-present Present Member of the Board Matty Niël Foundation
2011 Master classes in composition at the Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory, Ho Chi Minh City in Viet Nam for the students of the Department of Musicology, Conducting and Composition
2013-17 Co-founder of CM Foundation (Conservatorium Maastricht Foundation), Member of both the Board and the Working Group
2015 Retired from all his functions at the Conservatory (retirement)