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1. Quintett für 12 Bläser
(Quintet for 12 Woodwind Players)
picc fl ob engl.hrn clar basclar bsn cbsn 4hrn ⎯ 09'
11. Trio für 2 Klarinetten und Fagott
(Trio for 2 Clarinets and Bassoon)
2clar bsn ⎯ 07'
37. Twee Liederen voor zangstem en 11 spelers
(Two Songs for voice and 11 players)
Poems: W. Kusters ⎯ 16'
71. Fünf Lieder für Singstimme und kleines Ensemble
(Five Songs for Voice and small Ensemble)
Poems: Petra Maria Amrhein; voice clar bsn perc vla vlc cb ⎯ 21'
72. Ex Morbo assurgere
2fl 2ob 2clar 2bsn 2hrn cb ⎯ 07'
74. Sextett
fl ob clar bsn hrn pf ⎯ 15'
78. Forum
Poem: Frans Budé; voice 2fl 2ob 2clar 2bsn 2hrn ⎯ 06'
86. Twint II
clar bsn ⎯ 04'
100. Quintet voor blazers
(Quintet for Woodwind)
fl ob clar hrn bsn ⎯ 10'
101. December: Nonet over een eigen Lied
(December: Nonet on a original Song)
fl ob clar bsn hrn vl vla vlc cb ⎯ 10'
125. Itus for trombone and double wind quintet
2fl 2ob 2kl 2fag 2hrn trb — 12'